Union Budget 2023 News LIVE Updates: Budget may see up to 400 new Vande Bharat trains being announced – Economic Times

Economic Times | 25 Nov, 2022 | 11:54PM IST
#WATCH | Andhra Pradesh: PSLV-C54 being integrated at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. PSLV-C54 rock… https://t.co/AVPOtX9NzO
– Shopian Police
ICMR Advanced Mycology & Diagnostics Research Center inaugurated at AIIMS Bhubaneswar under ICMR Task Force project… https://t.co/WXISecBlSo
– Police
#WATCH Congress MP Rahul Gandhi along with his sister and party leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra perform 'aarti' at Nar… https://t.co/AFbnasOl9C
Concluding day of the Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue 2022 #IPRD2022 explored sub-themes that could provide a grea… https://t.co/EjpStdT5ox
Assam | Two drug peddlers were apprehended while 24Kg of suspected ganja were recovered at Borkhola toll gate in Ca… https://t.co/5bDC9qq2lr
Sangeet Natak Akademi announces Sangeet Natak Akademi Awards (Akademi Puraskar) for years 2019, 2020 & 2021. 128 a… https://t.co/6insHeIfsc
Our response to media queries about an Indian baby in foster care in Germany: https://t.co/MIiwwjsi6E https://t.co/cQPkDLP5V8
Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh | Construction work is underway in Ayodhya for Ram Temple comprising sanctum sanctorum & fiv… https://t.co/6u562voNYe
– Sanjay Raut
– Sunjay Sudhir, Ambassador of India to UAE
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