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Emergency personnel were called to Oak Park and River Forest High School Tuesday morning after a student was injured during a school assembly, according to a letter sent by the school.
“Today during the spirit assembly in the stadium, an isolated incident occurred involving a single student that required an ambulance to be called and the parent/guardian to be notified,” wrote Lynda Parker, assistant superintendent/principal, in an email to students and families.
Lt. Michael Henkelman of the Oak Park Fire Department said an incident happened at the high school around 10 a.m. and that emergency responders took a person to the hospital. While unable to give the person’s condition, he indicated they seemed to be doing all right on the way to the hospital.
Parker said there had not been a safety risk to any other students at the assembly.
“We are very concerned that some students took a video and are circulating it. Please, out of respect for the student’s privacy, do not increase the harm by viewing or sharing this video,” she wrote.
The school is making social workers available to support students who wish to talk about the incident in order to process it, the principal’s letter said. Support is also available for employees.
Stephanie Casanova contributed to this story.
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