Making a return this year is the school’s Christmas dinner. –

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CANORA – The Canora Composite High School has been getting into the Christmas spirit recently. This year the school brought back old traditions and introduced some new activities as well.
Due to Christmas Day falling on a Sunday this year, the school’s Student Representative Council (SRC) devised “12 Days of Christmas” activities in the lead up to the Christmas holidays. The 12 days of fun began on Dec. 6 with Trivia Tuesday. The following Wednesday was a Christmas colour spirit day where students dressed up in red and green. Thursday saw the students participate in a Christmas Kahoot, which is a trivia game that players can play with friends. Other days saw students compete in more trivia games, guess the amount of candy canes, a pajama day, a formal day, and even a school-wide bingo match.
This year's Christmas festivities included an individual competition in which, if a student scored a point by participating, guessing a correct answer, or winning a certain game, they would receive a golden ticket with their name on it. The tickets were to go into a draw for a prize to be revealed at the Christmas assembly on Dec. 21.
Also making a return this year is the school’s Christmas dinner, which was put into COVID-19 restriction mode for the past two years. The dinner menu will include turkey, perogies, sausage, corn and many more Christmas favourites being served.
The school is looking back at past Christmas activities created by the SRC. One big activity the school has hosted almost every year over the past five years is the Gingerbread House competition, which sees homerooms creating massive decorative gingerbread houses. The houses were to be judged by teachers of the opposite side of the school. Another past activity was a door poster contest, where students created a massive Christmas poster. Unfortunately, the door poster contest will never return due to the paper being a fire hazard.
One of the most memorable Christmas activities was in 2013 when the SRC made a lip dub to the popular song, “What Does The Fox Say?” for the school’s 2013 Christmas Assembly. The school has done a bunch of fantastic Christmas activities over the years and the fun is expected to continue in the future.
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            At least five people are dead after a mass shooting in Vaughan, Ont. It happened on the evening of Dec. 18. York Regional Police responded to reports of a woman being shot in the head around 9 p.m. local time. When police arrived, they discovered a much worse tragedy. At least five people were found with fatal gunshot wounds. According to CP24 reporter Beatrice Vaisman, a sixth person was taken to a local hospital in serious condition. The 73-year-old suspect was shot dead by police according to a York Regional Police officer. Mass shootings in Canada are extremely rare compared to America’s gun epidemic. Former Ontario Provincial Police commissioner and CTV News Public Safety analyst Chris Lewis stated in an interview with Marcia MacMillan, “we’ve had bigger shootings in Canada that were much more shocking, but this is the first one I can recall in a big building like that in the GTA with multiple victims.” The mayor of Vaughan reassured residents in a press conference that there was no further threat to the public.
Saskatchewan residents are getting excited to see a man from Saskatoon on the popular CBS reality show Survivor. The male contestant goes by the name of Kane Fritzler. He is studying law at the University of Saskatchewan. According to an Inside Survivor article, Fritzler is in his twenties, and is among 18 contestants who were chosen to be on the show’s 44th season. Kane is only the seventh Canadian contestant to make an appearance on the show since the CBS reality television staple first starred a Canadian in Survivor: Island Of The Idols. Survivor season 44 is set to premiere on March 1, 2023 with a two-hour episode on CBS and Global.
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